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Student Nurse Associate Program

Location: Greenfield, Massachusetts
Regular/Temporary: Regular

Baystate Health, a leading not-for-profit integrated health system, is transforming the delivery of health care to the communities it serves. Baystate Health (BH) is one of New England’s leading and largest integrated healthcare systems, serving more than 800,000 people throughout Western Massachusetts. With about 12,000 employees, a 1,200-member medical staff, and net patient service revenue of more than $2.3 billion, this dynamic and growing system includes an academic medical center, a children’s hospital and three community hospitals. It also includes a large multispecialty group, (Baystate Medical Practices), Baystate Home Health, Baystate Reference Laboratories, and Health New England, a 205,000-member health insurance company.

The mission of Baystate Health is “to improve the health of the people in our communities every day, with quality and compassion.” For over 130 years, Baystate has been a keystone of Western Massachusetts as it has evolved, grown, and emerged as one of the highest quality and most effective health care providers in the nation. Baystate Health was named a top 15 Health System in the country by Thompson Reuters; and is a PRC National Excellence in Healthcare Award Winner. Most recently US News and World Report ranked Baystate Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital as the only two hospitals in Massachusetts to achieve top quality ranking for five common procedures and conditions such as total joint replacement and congestive heart failure.

Baystate Health believes that the advancement of knowledge, through education and research, is essential to its mission of improving the health of the communities it serves. Baystate Medical Center has major programs in postgraduate medical education with residencies in Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesiology, Radiology, Pathology, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Medicine-Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine, and Psychiatry; along with 22 fellowship programs.

Baystate Health is a forward-thinking organization. With impressive size, scope, and expertise, Baystate Health is the longtime market leader for health care services in western Massachusetts and is financially solid. However, as in most regions of the country, the healthcare landscape in western Massachusetts has shifted as a result of ever-increasing economic pressures and corresponding provider consolidation. Baystate Health is committed to its position as the key provider of tertiary level medical services to the people of Western Massachusetts. At the same time, Baystate Health has embraced a broader mission of promoting better health for the communities it serves and reducing health disparities. Baystate Health is committed to the provision of high value health care and is transforming how it delivers care and educates the next generation of physicians. One example of this is TechSpring, Baystate Health’s digital health care laboratory in downtown Springfield. Founded in June 2014, TechSpring works with entrepreneurs on ways that health care technology can fade into the background and take up less time.

In June 2015, Baystate Health established a new partnership with the UMass Medical School to develop a new regional clinical campus in Springfield, known as the University of Massachusetts Medical School – Baystate (UMMS-Baystate). UMMS-Baystate is now home to UMMS’ four-year Population-based Urban and Rural Community Health (PURCH) track, which welcomed its inaugural class of 22 medical students in Autumn 2017. Through this innovative program, the three institutions are partnering to strengthen the pipeline of new primary care physicians for the future in Western Massachusetts. These three institutions have also collaborated to create the Institute for Healthcare Delivery & Population Science, to generate and apply new knowledge to transform health care delivery and population health in support of Baystate Health’s strategic goals. The Institute conducts health services research projects in partnership with local, regional, and national stakeholders.

Baystate Franklin Medical Center (BFMC), located in Greenfield, MA, is an 89-bed community hospital that joined Baystate Health in 1986. The hospital boasts a state-of-the-art surgical center and a new endoscopy center that opened in August 2017. BFMC provides high-quality inpatient and outpatient services to communities in Franklin and Hampshire counties, as well as southern Vermont. Specialized programs include wound care and hyperbaric medicine, heart and vascular care, cancer care, family-centered obstetrical care, sports medicine, specialty medical and surgical services, inpatient behavioral medicine, and 24-hour emergency services.

This position is offered to nursing students actively enrolled in a nursing program accredited through the NLNAC or CCNE.  SNAP’s will function in a supportive role to a registered nurse and work collaboratively with the health care team in the management of patient care.  This position allows the student to gain experience in providing care to a diverse patient population and to develop communication and organizational skills.  Students will report to the Clinical Manager but daily activities will be coordinated by the RN.  SNAP’s will perform direct patient care (hygiene, skin care, mobility and assistance with elimination needs), obtain and record vital signs, collect laboratory specimens, document intake/output, communicate effectively with patients/staff, promote patient safety and function as a team member within the health system.  The ideal candidate must be able to work a minimum of 24 hours per month including every third weekend/holiday and must be able to work full-time over school breaks.  SNAP’s are per diem and will be required to work on both day and night shifts.  Adherence to system and department compliance policies and any and all applicable laws and regulations is mandatory.  Management has the right to change or add to the job responsibilities at any time. 

Resume required with online application. Applications will be accepted until March 8, 2019.

What will you need?

  • High school degree or equivalent required
  • Currently actively enrolled in an accredited nursing program
  • Current Health Care provider CPR Certification/BLS
  • Cumulative GPA minimum 3.0
  • Proficient in reading and writing English
  • Possesses the basic knowledge for performing the assigned duties:  providing patient care, supporting patient safety and obtaining vital signs.
  • Possesses the ability to detect and report obvious changes in a patient’s condition
  • Endorsement and skills verification from clinical faculty member
  • Computer literate
  • Successfully completed 1 clinical rotation required by May 2019 or current CNA certification
  • Resume required with online application

The following documents will be required for submittal and will be discussed during the interview process:

  • Current resume
  • Official nursing school transcripts
  • Completed video interview
  • References
  • Completed Skills Verification Form  from clinical faculty member (will be provided to selected applicants during interview process)
  • Written candidate statement 

HireVue Video Interview:

As part of the application process for this job opportunity, you are required to complete a video prescreen on the Baystate Health HireVue site.  

Please click this link to complete your video prescreen:

Hello SNAP Candidates! Thank you for your participation so far. We are excited to move forward with the interview process and would like to invite you to participate in a one way video interview. This is completely painless- I promise! You will receive an individual link to complete the video process. Please do reach out with any questions. Also please note that once you log in there is a contact number for tech support should you have any issues. You will be receiving this link through a separate email within the next three days.

Tips for a great video interview!

Look at the camera, not the screen.  Eye contact is critical in an in-person interview, and it adds a nice touch on a video interview as well. Pretend your webcam is the person interviewing you. Keep looking at the webcam as you would be looking at your interviewer.

Dress appropriately. Be careful if you are considering dressing “business on top and casual on the bottom.” Dress professionally from head to toe. Don’t make the mistake of dressing waist up. If you shift in your seat, you don’t want your pajamas or sweatpants showing! Dress in light colors against a darker background or dark colors against a light background. Plan ahead so you look your best.

Take care to set up the recording environment. You want your interview to highlight your skills and qualifications. Make sure your recording space is lighted appropriately and doesn’t cast unwanted shadows on your face. Move a lamp or light source nearby and use the practice interviews to adjust your lighting and make sure you can see yourself. As for the background, keep it conservative or plain. The interviewer wants to see you, not your room, so set yourself up so that the video will show you from the shoulder up. 

Calm your nerves. Your peers are nervous too, so don’t worry. Focus on speaking slowly, and show off those pearly whites. By doing this you will  showcase your true personality and your excitement and professionalism will come across.

Don’t let mistakes throw you off. We know you are human. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. If you started off responding to a question and would like to correct yourself, do so and re-state your answer.

What it is a one way video interview?

You’re most likely very familiar with the traditional job interview where you meet with a recruiter or hiring manager face-to-face in their office. A one-way video interview is sometimes referred to as an “asynchronous interview” because only you, the job seeker, are present and doing all the talking. The interview questions will be presented to you  text form. Once you have recorded and submitted your responses your video link will come to me, your recruiter for review.

When is my one way interview due?

Please complete the one way interview within 48 hours of applying.

Where should I do my interview?

Ideally, you should record your one-way interview in a quiet area with no other people around. We want to know more about you, therefore, you need to be the sole focus of the video interview. It’s also important to make sure that the space you are recording in looks clean and professional.

What if I don’t have a webcam? Can I use my phone?

If you don’t have access to a computer and webcam, you can absolutely complete your one-way interview by using your mobile device. Just simply download the mobile app and you’re ready to go! The mobile app supports iOS or Android devices. You can also check out your local library for a computer to use for free to complete your interview.

What do I need to complete the interview?

Adobe Flash Player and a webcam (USB or built-in)

How do I log in to the Interview?

You can sign into your interview in several ways:

  • Click the Start Interview Setup button
  • Download the HireVue App from iTunes to your iPad or iPhone
  • Visit and enter your interview code

I’ve logged in, now what?

The Setup page gives you Fast Facts about the setup and interview process including a video tutorial.  To begin, click Let's Get Started. By clicking this button, you indicate you agree to the HireVue Terms and Conditions.

First Things First

To begin, connect your camera and microphone.  When prompted, click Allow, Remember, and Close.

Once you click close, HireVue will automatically check your system for connection speed and camera/microphone availability.  Once the testing is complete, you will see On to the Practice Questions!  Press the button to continue.


Practice, practice, practice! We can't emphasize enough the importance of using the practice questions. Allow yourself to feel comfortable and familiar with the interface. Remember to look into the camera – not the screen. Looking at the screen may distract you.

When you are ready, click Let's Get Started.  Just like your interview questions, the practice questions give you 30 seconds to review the question and prepare your response.  If that is more time than you need, click Start Recording.  Otherwise, the recording will begin as soon as the 30 seconds are over.


While you are practicing, adjust your settings.  You will see Settings just above the question box.  Click this link to open the Settings window during your practice question.  You can adjust your speaker and microphone volume levels, or choose a completely different camera and microphone.


Once you have adjusted your settings and finished recording your practice response, click the play button to play back your recording.  If you are not happy with your recording, click Do Another Practice Question.  You can do several of these practices until you feel comfortable to continue.  When you are ready to do your interview, click Continue to Interview.

The Interview

The interview is conducted in the exact same format as the practice questions, with 30 seconds to prepare for each question, and up to 3 minutes to answer.  If your answer takes less time, simply click I'm Done. Stop Recording to stop the recording and save your answer.  Continue this way until all the questions for your interview have been answered.


Once you have finished the final question, you will see a window that says All Done!  Click You're done! to exit the interview and submit your responses to us.

It's that easy!!! We wish you the best of luck on your interview. Now go out there and nail it!

After completion of the video prescreen, return to this page and select Apply Now and submit the online application.

To be considered for this position, you must complete BOTH the video prescreen and the online application.

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