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Clinical Coordinator, Psychiatry Consultation Service

Full / Part Time: Full-Time
Location: Springfield, Massachusetts
Regular/Temporary: Regular

Serves as Clinical Coordinator for the Psychiatry Consultation Service working directly with the Medical Director of the service.  Evaluates requests by physicians for psychiatric evaluation of their medically and surgically hospitalized patients, and assigns consultations to members of the Psychiatry Consultation Service.   Coordinator demonstrates sophisticated knowledge in the areas of psychiatric assessment and diagnosis, as well as a high degree of competency in understanding medical conditions and diagnoses and how psychiatric and medical issues interrelate in patients in the hospital setting.   Position includes close collaboration with a wide variety of members of the health care team.  Coordinator must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.  The Coordinator represents and supports the mission

and philosophy of the Department of Behavioral Health, as well as the Psychiatry Consultation Service.

  • The Coordinator fields triage calls to the Service, and serves as a liaison between medical and surgical providers and members of the Consult Service clinical team.  The Coordinator provides psychiatric consultation with patients, as needed.  Provides input to patient care assessment and plan of care.  Acts as a resource to provide direction and education to support safe, effective and efficient medical/behavioral patient care.  Coordinates the educational experiences of medical students, residents and fellows on the Consult Service.
  • Serves as Clinical Intake Coordinator for the Psychiatry Consultation Service.  Evaluates requests by physicians for psychiatric evaluation of their medically hospitalized patients, and assigns appropriately to clinical members of the Consult Service.  Collaborates with administrative staff to maintain log book, and in the administrative assistant’s absence, also completes MBHP IVR authorizations for services, and processes daily provider billing sheets.
  • Provides consultation, education and collaboration to MDs, APRNs and House staff pertaining to the psychiatric care of referred patients who’ve been admitted to med/surg floors.  Responds to calls from physicians and other service providers in a timely manner.  Helps the consultee formulate the concern in concrete terms.  Helps to clarify the specific services needed such as emergency psychiatric assessment, routine inpatient psychiatric consultation, outpatient psychotherapy, and law enforcement assistance.  Provides the consultee with specific referrals and/or instructions.
  • Acts as a primary resource to colleagues in Case Management and Social Work regarding patients with psychiatric issues on med/surg floors, including the completion of OBRA screens (which screen for active mental health issues which might be present in patients being referred for post-hospital care in a long-term care facility) and clarification regarding which patients actually need an OBRA screen.
  • Works closely with Medical Director of Hospital Care Management or other key hospital personnel regarding patients for whom disposition is problematic due to both medical and psychiatric complications to bring about successful resolution and disposition for these patients through collaborative efforts, which may include organizing and participating in a multidisciplinary meeting to work out a plan.  Works collaboratively with multiple disciplines on med/surg floors regarding medically/psychiatrically complex patients.
  • Acts as a clinical resource to colleagues in regards to patient care and disposition; monitors and directs patient flow throughout the service on a daily basis.  Arranges dispositions, makes referrals internally and externally which may include obtaining insurance authorizations for the stay.  This may include working with the patient to complete a conditional voluntary or provide a Section 12 for the patient chart; also includes the provision of clinical information to the receiving hospital.
  • Provides specialized knowledge to other healthcare professionals about psychiatric issues or resources by participating in teaching activities, including the coordination of the residents’, fellows’ and medical students’ experiences on the Consult Service.  Provides orientation to the service, provides on-going guidance regarding working with various MD on the service, expectations and nuts and bolts of consult work.  Coordinates with fellow Consult Service staff the completion of medical student evaluations after each rotation (every three weeks).  Arranges weekly Consult Service case conferences, recruiting Consult Service staff, the resident and medical student on Service to present.
  • Acts as a liaison between the medical and surgical units and APTU.  Monitors psychiatric consultation over the course of a patient’s hospital stay in order to be able to assist with decision-making and planning regarding disposition.  This includes monitoring the medical and surgical course in order to be able to anticipate as patients approach medical clearance and readiness for referral to inpatient psychiatric units, if this is indicated.
  • Attends daily bed huddle meetings with Hospital Care Management, Social Work, Patient Placement, Med/Surg Nursing Management staff, SOUND hospitalist staff and other key hospital staff.  During this meeting, updates the team regarding the status of psychiatric patients on med/surg floors who may need referral to inpatient psychiatry.  Also, presents APTU Charge Nurse with information regarding patients who are ready for referral to APTU.
  • As needed, works with nursing clinical supervisory staff regarding constant companion cases for patients who are identified as suicidal, to clarify whether this is accurate and identify any patients for whom this is not accurate and for whom constant companions may not be necessary, or no longer be necessary. 
  • Work with SOUND hospitalist RN’s to identify patients who are in Emergency Services Hold (physically in the ED, awaiting inpatient med/surg beds) who could potentially become medically clear while still in the ED and arrange for such patients to be seen by BHN Crisis in the ED rather than coming to an inpatient med/surg bed.
  • When needed, may attend to direct patient needs and conduct a psychiatric consultation and follow up visits as needed for the service, this may include but is not limited to the provision of comprehensive, age-specific psychiatric assessment of patients, including the presenting problem, the medical history, the psychiatric history, current and past psychiatric treatment, and a full mental status exam in order to formulate a diagnosis and treatment recommendations to the medical team. Demonstrates skill of collaboration, advocacy, linkage and education, as they relate to patient care and to interaction with medical staff.  Provides patients, families, and medical staff with information regarding psychiatric and community resources and appropriately refers patients/families to identified treatment/resources.
  • Serves on hospital-wide committees regarding behavioral health patients on med/surg floors, as needed, regarding management and throughput of such patients.
  • Demonstrates professional growth and development by conference participation, membership in professional organizations, activities to increase knowledge about medical and psychiatric illness, and to increase awareness of resources for patients.
  • Masters in Social Work or related discipline from an accredited program
  • Minimum of five year’s experience in medical or psychiatric social work with preference to experience in medical social work

Baystate Health is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, disability, or protected veteran status.

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