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Medical Interpreter, American Sign Language

Job ID 80237 Full / Part Time:Full time


Assists Baystate Health to meet the communication needs of Deaf and hard of hearing patients and their family members. Provides interpreter and transliterating services between English and American Sign Language throughout Baystate Health as a team member in the Interpreter & Translation Services Department. Uses American Sign Language, spoken English, pantomime, gesture, oral transliteration, or other standard and recognized modes to facilitate communication between Deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, Deaf/Blind, and hearing people. Assesses the need for assistive devices, including sign language interpreters, for the Deaf and hard of hearing. Works with departmental schedulers to Coordinate and monitor ASL interpreter schedule, ensuring appropriate coverage and communication access. Assists in scheduling additional services for the Deaf and hard of hearing as necessary, such as certified deaf interpreters (CDI), oral translators, and Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services. Creates and provides on-going training for health system staff regarding the Deaf and hard of hearing. Requires excellent fluency in English and American Sign Language. Previous experience and/or training in a medical setting and with medical terminology preferred. Must be proficient in the use of computers, and in particular Microsoft Office and Windows based software.

Job Responsibilities: 

1) Follows the Standards of Practice set forth by the National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare and the NAD-RID Code of Professional Conduct.

2) Provides visual and oral interpretation for patients and providers throughout Baystate Health, including, at times, in patient's homes. Explains cultural differences to patients and providers to promote understanding and facilitate quality patient care. Conducts reminder calls for Deaf and hard of hearing patients and follow up calls when patients do not show up to scheduled appointments to determine reason and to reschedule as necessary. Supports patient needs with sensitivity.

3) Assesses the needs of Deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, Deaf/Blind, patients and/or family members for assistive devices and interpreter(s), and ensures scheduling software and the electronic medical record detail needs established. Coordinates with Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to meet patient needs throughout the health system.

4) In coordination with the supervisor/manager of Interpreter & Translation Services and the BH ADA coordinator, determines the training needs fo BH staff regarding the Deaf and hard of hearing. Creates and coordinate sessions to train hospital staff on Deaf culture and the needs of the Deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing, and Deaf/ Blind. Coordinates with the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to determine what trainings are available and schedules them as needed in coordination with the supervisor/manager of Interpreter & Translation Services. Determines what additional training needs remain and in conjunction with the supervisor/manager of Interpreter & Translation Services and the ADA coordinator for BH and creates training to meet those needs.

5) Assists with operations of Interpreter & Translation Services Office. Answers departmental phone lines, resolves issues, and books interpreter requests in booking software as needed, especially but not exclusively for the Deaf patient population and/or Deaf or hard of hearing family members.

6) Maintains required records and data to meet department requirements.

Required Work Experience: 

1) 2 years NIC, CI & CT, CSC Master, or NAD IV or V

Preferred Work Experience: 

1) 5 yrs General and 2 years Medical Experience

Skills and Competencies: 

1) None Listed

Baystate Health is an Equal Opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin, ancestry, age, genetic information, disability, or protected veteran status.

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